The last year has been marked by a great loss for all of us. The passing of our dear friend and member of the administration council, Mme Charlotte Pfeiffer-Quaring left a great void for all who loved her and knew her well. 


During the latest general assembly, two new members were unanimously elected to reinforce the council: Mme Charlotte Godzwieski and Mr Egide Urbain, who already distinguished themselves in the past by their relentless commitment.  


The volunteer charter, signed by president Claus Lampertz underlines the importance to our association of the voluntary aspect of our work. We`re are not paying salaries, nor rent and administration fees are limited to a strict minimum, namely 1.244,23eur., for the purchase of stamps, paper, envelopes, insurance fees and formation fees.  


Our participation in different markets and the organization of various events allowed us to collect a total of 3.703,30 eur. 


Purchase of medical equipment worth 17.000eur. including two surveillance monitors, an artificial respirator for the pediatric department,etc… 


2002 à 2010   

-construction of the boarding school houses for students. The first designed to house 16 and the second 32 people. Both come with a build-in kitchen and canteen (in collaboration with the ONGD-FNEL and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). 


-purchase of medical supplies in the amount of +- 60.000eur. per year, for the last 6 years: an operational microscope for the ENT department, a laparoscopic device, operating lamps, anesthesia machine, respiratory devices for newborns and for the operating room, a diagnostic ultrasound machine, two industrial washing machines, a dryer… (partly in collaboration with ONGD –FNEL) 


-construction of a laundry room 


-shipment of 7 containers delivering hospital beds, night tables, ultrasonic devices, etc. 


-the total cost of these acquisitions amounted to 242.099eur. that have been collected through donations, charity evenings, Christmas markets… 


Purchase of medical stuff: With the help of the Luxemburgish government we were able to purchase a brilliancy amplifier for the orthopedic department, 10 lead aprons, 3 halothane nebulizer, 3 isoflurane nebulizer and 3 surgical aspirators. 


From the month of august, our young and dynamic volunteering dietician Charlotte will go back to Nepal at the request of the Dhulikhel Hospital . She will stay for 1 year to arrange a dietary service, to train the staff, to improve the overall hygiene and hold classes for the students at the medical institute. The costs for her stay will be split. Dhulikhel Hospital will offer an accommodation and pay the visa fee. NepaliMed will contribute the plane ticket, the additional risk insurance and a little pocket money. We are still looking for sponsors who help us finance this project and support this young woman during her one year volunteering work. 


Shipment of a container with medical equipment. A few are donations of Luxemburgish doctors and hospitals. We are very grateful for their help. Purchase of material and devices to equip the emergency department. The number of emergency patients keeps rising, therefore the extension of this service was necessary. 


Members of the Grand Duchy Ardennes and Nepalimed assisted in the inauguration of the first-aid outpost in Kattike-Deurali. Of course the travel costs are entirely paid by the participants. 

Kattike-Deurali is an 8hr walk away from Dhulikhel. Until now, people in need of medical attention had to wait for a doctor to come by once a week to offer his service at an improvised premise. Kattike Deurali is a village counting 5000 inhabitants and is situated at an altitude of 1500m in one of the most distant regions of Kavre and Ramechhap. 

Follow-up of our projects 


Action pour un Monde Uni (AMU) Luxembourg has collected funds for Nepal after an earthquake in 2015. They joined NepaliMed Luxembourg to repair the remote first aid station of Dhading and to reconstruct and equip the remote first aid station of Baluwa, two other projects of the DHOS.  


The total cost is about 362 210, 65 €, spread over 3 years. Project financed by the Luxembourg Ministry of Humanitarian Aid with a contribution of 62 210,65 € from the NGO AMU 


The station of Dhading (Chattere Deurali) reconstructed in 2016. The Baluwa health post put into service as planned in 2017. The inauguration in the presence of representatives of the AMU and NepaliMed Luxembourg took place on 15 November 2018. 


Projects 2015 


Purchase of medical equipment in an amount of +- 100 000 Euro, including a bedside monitor, bronchoscope, autoclave cycle for sterilization etc.  


A shipment of sewing machines for women who want to start their own small business and medical equipment, all in perfect working order. We thank all our donors. 


Follow-up of the hygiene program started by Charlotte in 2013-2014, the number of patients and of daily meals have noticing increased, thus a kitchen enlargement was necessary.  


For the moment, dishes are hand washed with cold water, thus not sanitarily. We have planned to extend the kitchen and to buy an industrial dishwasher with a stainless steel side table. Following the 2015 earthquake, the kitchen-modernizing project had to be postponed to 2017. 

Kattike-Deurali emergency station:

To improve the care in this emergency station, hardly accessible, a doctor is now present 7 days of 7. The local power supply of the health post was below single phase 110 Volts and was often cut off for up to a week. It was reinforced by a 3x380 Volts supply coupled with solar panels. The 3 x 380 Volt solar panel power supply works correctly and ensures, among other things, the functioning of the X-ray
An incinerator to eliminate medical waste has been put in place.

Construction of the Gaurishankar Hospital in Charikot District Dolakha:

The old building badly damaged by earthquakes in 2015 was demolished. The construction of the new hospital began at the beginning of July 2017.

Hospital services could start from the temporary building to the new hospital towards the end of 2019. 

Projects 2019 


Finalisation of the construction of the Gaurishankar Community General Hospital in Charikot, Dolakha District. 

At Dhulikhel departments of Surgery, Outpatient (Emergency), Pediatrics, Ophthalmology are expected to be equipped with advanced medical devices to expand the operational services of DHOS. 

-Adult Laparoscopy Instruments Set 

-Intra Operative Monitor with standard accessories 

-Suction Machine Mobile 

-Holmium Laser, 35 Watt, System 

-Cryostat Machine 

-Tissue Processor, Automated 

-DNA Extractor 

-NANO Spectrophotometer 

-CLIA Machine 

-Hematology Analyze 

-Transport Baby Incubator & Bubble CPAP  Machine 

-Ventilator –Neonate 

-AB Scan with Pachymatry. 


The Dhulikhel Hospital Health Center Dhading will be equipped with a mobile X-Ray. 


Expected cost of the 2019 equipment project: 332 547,86 Euros 


Projects 2018 


Continuation of the works of Gaurishankar Community General Hospital in Charikot in the district of Dolakha. 

The Departments of Surgery, anesthesia and orthopedics have been equipped with 3 advanced medical devices to extend the operational ser vices of DHOS. 


-Laparoscopic Sets 

-Two Anesthesia Machine 

-Gore System for Percutaneous Spine Lumber Endoscopy 


The department hospital ambulatory complex of Pathology Laboratory is now equipped with: 

-One cytospin machine and 

-One coagulation machine 


Cost of the equipment project: 175 594,02 Euros

Dispatch of two pallets by train/boat/truck with a second-hand ultrasound scanner, Braces to support knees and legs, Crutches, Toilet chair, Sewing machine, etc.

Projects 2017

Construction work of the Gaurishankar Community General Hospital in Charikot in the district of Dolakha

The reconstruction is of prime importance, but we must not forget that a hospital cannot work without medical equipment and without a laboratory. The following equipment was financed by NepaliMed Luxembourg with the help of the Ministry of Cooperation.
For the molecular laboratory of the Department of Microbiology at Dhulikhel Hospital:

-A biological safe for the treatment of samples, based on infectious material,
-A Minus 86° freezer to store products that are required for later treatments,
-A PCR in real time and a centrifugal PCR to analyse, on the basis of various specimens, and to identify the cause of certain infectious illnesses.
-A CO2 incubator to grow bacteria.
-A dry autoclave to sterilize contaminated laboratory waste
-An analyser for urine examination 

For the Cardiology Department:
-A stress test machine, (…) so the doctor can analyse the functionality of the heart

Kitchen modernization Set up of industrial dish washer with stainless steel side tableExpense of the project “Equipment”: 118 328,30 €

Set up of a 3 x 380 Volts power supply via a solar installation at the rescue station of Kattike-Deurali.
Cost of the project of three-phased solar installation: 25 074,26 Euros

Dispatch of containers with hospital beds, spare parts for washing machine and dryer, etc.

Projects 2016

The DHOS (Dhulikhel Hospital) has received the management of the Gaurishankar Community General Hospital in Charikot, in the district of Dolakha. The present building that was heavily damaged by earthquakes in 2015, is going to be entirely rebuild. This reconstruction will cost altogether, with the participation of the MAEE, 640 000, 00 €, spread over 3 years.

The amount of NepaliMed and Dhulikhel Hospital share is about 210 000, 00 €.
During the construction work, treatments will take place in a neighbouring eye clinic, close to Gaurishankar Hospital.

Demolition and earthworks started in March 2017, building works started in July 2017.  


An 18 months period was planned to complete all works. 

Hospital services could start from the temporary building to the new hospital towards the end of 2019. 

Cost of reconstruction of Gaurishankar Hospital: Around 740,000.00 Euros 

The new delivery center of Dhulikhel Hospital is equipped with 3 operating rooms.The operating theaters were equipped with the following equipment’s by NepaliMed Luxembourg with the help of the Ministry of Cooperation:

-An anaesthesia station,
-An operating table,
-An light for the operating room,
-Two surgical vacuum cleaner,
-Two screens for patients and
-An transportable incubator

Cost of the equipment project: about 92 152,78 Euros 

Projects 2020 


Purchases of medical equipment for around 350,000.00 Euros. 

Sends two pallets by train/boat/truck with a hospital bed, inflatable mattress, examination couch, wheelchair, toilet chair, bandages, bandages, masks, blankets, crutches, eyeglasses, etc.