I am writing to extend my deep gratitude for supporting Dhulikhel Hospital during hard times. Your support continues to make a difference.

Dhulikhel Hospital has witnessed some of the biggest challenges in its history but remains devoted and steadfast about its vision to provide quality health service to the poor.
I vividly recall the devastating 2015 earthquake, when the devastations happened around us. We started to serve with what good wishes and support from people like you helped us endure all the hardships. We not only treated thousands of injured but also supported hundreds of families in their revival.

Just as the wounds of the earthquake started to heal the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Right from the initial days of the pandemic, DH stood on the forefront and became a leading national institution in handling the unprecedented scenario that ensued. We upgraded and redesigned our services to run almost 140 beds to dedicatedly manage severe COVID cases. We expanded our COVID-19 programs to rural Nepal through our outreach centers and other partners as well.
After the COVID-19, we have enthusiastically pursued the efforts to take health care in households through our home-based health program team and through telemedicine services. We are also gearing ourselves to prepare our team and institution better for future crises and be a center of excellence to lead health care in toughest times.
It is said, “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in.” We believe that, with you, we have emerged stronger and not only survived but thrived. I wanted to take this moment to congratulate and thank you for all this and assure that we look forward to take exciting challenges ahead with you and your team.


Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha