board of directors 


president:          Lampertz Claus 

vice-president:   Schaul Pascal 


secretary:          Carier Marie Anne 

treasurer:          Thinnes Christophe 




Godziewski Charlotte  

Houll Clarisse 

Knauf-Hübel Dorothee 

Reis Paul 

Urbain Egide 

in memory of 


co-founder and vice-president of 

Nepalimed Luxembourg 

died 17.11.2018 

The construction of two hostels for students in Dhulikhel, a health post in Kattike-Deurali in the Kavre district and a hospital in Charikot in the Dolakha district were financed by Luxembourg 

Here you can see transports containing ultrasonic devices, operating microscopes, anesthesia machines, spirometers, electrocardiographs, etc. which are regularly sent. 



A group of Luxemburgish tourists, frequently travelling to Nepal, have been following the ongoing development and work of the Dhulikhel Hospital since its beginning. During a visit in 2000, the decision was made to found NepaliMed Luxembourg.  Since 2001 this organization`s goal is to help those in need by supporting the Dhulikhel Hospital. The non-profit organization focuses on buying and replacing medical equipment not available in Nepal.