commission culturelle Roeser 

Schoulkanner van Beckerich, mat der Gemeng  

Sozial Aktioun vum Parverband Hesper 


21-3-16: Entente Esch-Sauer , Erléis vum Nuets Maart 

Oppen Kirech  Welwerdang 

LTPS  Bascharage 

Restaurant du Brill 

Hôtel de Foetz 

1 Rue de l'Avenir 


charity concert with the orchestra Estro Armonico and the help of the city of Betzdorf 

scool Mondorf 

Famille BASNET Restaurant Himalaya 

8, rue Rollingergrund Luxembourg 

Nirvana Café,1, Avenue de la Gare, Luxembourg 

Lycée Nic Biever  

Diddeleng (LNB) 

Lenster Lycée LLJ 


some of our many donators after the eatthquake 04/2015: 

Mme Schwab 

restaurant Sherpa 

3, Place St Pierre et Paul 


Dolcer Holding 

Silke and Yvo 

Our colleague Charlotte working with the health department 

Inauguration of the first aid outpost in Katike Deurali in 2013 

Sending of containers delivering medical equipment  

Laparoscopic device, purchased by NepaliMed Luxembourg 

Boarding school house for young women, built in 2010 and financed by NepaliMed Luxembourg 

école fondamentale de Mamer
classes 2.2 de Tom Carier et 4.2 de Carole Kauth