DH successfully conducted vaccinations against COVID-19 in several phases to DH staff, government staff, elderlies and other target groups specified by the government. DH was nominated by the government to provide vaccinations in different phases. 

Due to the now increasing number of infected patients in Nepal, DH is taking strict measures to cope with this second wave.

As of May 3, 2021, for the 2nd wave, Nepal has reported 7448 new COVID-19 cases daily throughout Nepal and 54041 active cases at the moment. Covid cases at the DH are also increasing. 

DH is using the experience from the first wave to tackle the second wave of COVID-19.

Statistics of DH in second wave:
From April 2021 till date (3 May 2021), the statistics of the cases in DH are as follows:


    • DH will run other services as it is, adapting preventive measures.

    • The rapid response team (RRT) of DH has been activated with new team members to distribute the responsibilities of COVID preparedness and response.

    • The isolation unit was 20 bedded in the first few weeks and now with the increasing cases, DH is resuming its 100 bedded COVID care center/Isolation units. The 100 beds will get different levels to treat the patient of various severity. Bahunepati outreach center has been transformed and serving as an isolation unit.

    • The laboratory testing (PCR) is continuing since first wave, slowed down for a while with the decreasing number of samples and cases. 

    • Now the testing capacity has been doubled to dispatch reports as soon as possible. The cost of each test has been minimized to encourage people to get tested. DH is one the facilities in Nepal that offers very affordable PCR tests as usual.

    • All departments are adapting triage in their own departments. The information center has been set up at the hospital gate to dispatch the COVID test reports and other necessary information.

    • Fever clinic has been set up to examine the fever cases.

    • All medical and non-medical activities that need physical presence, if possible, have been postponed. Some of our staff are working from home as well.
Academic classes are re-transformed to online sessions. 

    • All the logistics, procurement, ambulances, maintenance and other necessities are being in alert status 24 hrs and arrangements are carried on.

    • Guidelines and protocols are being followed from the first wave

    • Staff institutional quarantine is ongoing

    • This time DH will also take care of the positive case in home isolation through a set up telephone OPD service. Staff in home isolation are being admitted in a virtual ward and being monitored daily.

    • Case investigation and contract tracing of the cases and contacts is ongoing

    • Communication going on with the government officials and the local authorities to control the transmission of the pandemic

    • Management of dead body, died with COVID-19 are being done with appropriate precautions. The coordination with the government officials is ongoing for the dead body management.

PCR Swab collection at DH for Second wave

Information desk at the gate of DH

Isolation unit at Bahunepati Outreach Center

COVID-19 Report - Dhulikhel Hospital (DH)  3.5.2021