Crauthem, July 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends of Nepal,

Many thanks to all of you, without whom nothing would be possible.

Many Thanks for more than 20 years of loyalty, your continuous support and your encouragement in all its forms.

During all these years, we can say without blushing that we have worked well. This path has been dotted with small and great satisfactions, moments of real happiness and of course difficulties or disappointments that we have overcome but from which we have learned lessons as well.
An earthquake like in 2015 can happen again at any time, the Himalayas are a very active seismic zone. A Covid or other pandemic can also arise at any moment. Let’s say humbly, that's life. Besides, the Nepalese are perfectly aware of this, they apprehend life and the stones on their way as they come. The saying says that we don't stumble twice on the same stone, we learn, we anticipate as much as we can and then Namaste... The word means hello, goodbye, it's a greeting from the divine part that is in everyone from you, we bow. The divine in me greets the divine in you.

It is perhaps also this side of daily life philosophy and the need for continuity of life that has brought us here.

At first we thought that we would finance a dispensary for first medical care and we would have fulfilled our mission then. Medicine evolves, needs and people too. We ended up financing a hospital well equipped with recent machines and instruments.

We still have a stock of flyers but more and more organizations adapt and evolve according to events. We also have taken the decision to respect the environment and to send you only this annual letter ; our principle is not to flood you with letters as for commercial promotions.

In October 2022, a few people from Nepalimed will go to Nepal to ensure the smooth running and proper functioning of the projects set up. A written report and a braodcast will be prepared and posted on our site following this on-site visit.

We are still very committed to the survival of the Nepalese and for them to have a better life through our partner, the Dhulikhel hospital, which is on the field every day. The leaders of the hospital are still very committed in its development. We've been with them for a long time, let's continue our small steps to bring them to the top! Nepal remains a country of high mountains

Many Thanks to the volunteers of the whole association and thank you from our Nepalese friends, Namaste

(s) Clarisse Houll                                                          (s) Marie Anne Carier

NepaliMed Luxembourg is a NGO accredited by the ministry of foreign affairs