Part of the equipment order at the end of 2018 

and delivered at the beginning of 2019 

Health Post 



Room with beds for patients and 

chair for dental treatments. 


High temperature ovens to burn 

medical waste. 

Progress of the works Gaurishankar hospital 

in Charikot in the district of Dolakha. 

Together shall we continue to offer a difference in the life of people who most need us all. 


Maybe one day Yeti will note any more play hide-and-seek and we will also be honoured to see him in the  

Dhulikhel hospital. 

However, the Nepalese magic continues to work. The 

Indian army recently declared having found tracks of 

Yeti in the snow near the basis camp of Makalu in the 

East of Nepal. Yeti, this giant creature looking like an 

ape, is part of the South-Asian folklore. There is no 

evidence that Yeti exists, but the myth of the 

abominable snowman stays alive in the region Nepal, 

India, Bhutan. In 2013, the searches of a British 

researcher concluded that the legendary Himalayan 

Yeti could in reality be a sub-species of the brown bear. 

Propagation of a stupid myth to reality? 


Yeti must not take us away from our medical and 

sanitary preoccupation concerning the Dhulikhel 

hospital that NepaliMed continues to strongly and 

actively support thanks to your generosity and your 



The hospital’s mission remains unchanged: 


 Continue to supply the very poor with affordable, 

but high-quality health services; 

 Continue to develop, to improve the current 

services, the research, the education and the 

medical practice, 

 Continue to build a solid network of health services 

with external care centres and the surrounding 


 Continue to respond to the needy in times of 


 Continue in the search of excellence for all services 

and provide solutions for local problems. 


The hospital’s objectives go hand in hand with a vision 

of innovation. This strategy allows the hospital to take 

up the new challenges of the worldwide health and the 



Dhulikhel hospital’s management remains deeply 

anchored in the partnerships with the hospitals, 

research and development centres for the worldwide 



None of the works carried out until now could have 

been possible without the dedication of each 

participant, employee, colleague, student, patient and 


Nepal lives one 

transition year after the 

other. The reasons are 

multiple, various, 

natural like an 

earthquake or rather of 

a social nature. It is 

always as pleasant to 

stroll in Kathmandu or 

Pokhara even if you 

can anticipate that a 

fundamental change is 

setting up. More and 

more shops are run by 

Chinese people who 

unwind their silk 

skeins here in Nepal as 

well as their silk road 

to Europe. 

Thank you in advance for your participation, 

which allows us to help in an efficient and 

sustainable way. 


Namaste and sincerely yours, 


Marie Anne Carier 

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, 


I would like to thank on behalf of all the members of the Board of 

Directors for your support, voluntary work, financial and material 

donations, the provided logistics. The association could not work 

without your help and we are very grateful for this. 


We would like to inform you with this flyer about our projects and 

the development of the hospital in Dhulikhel and you will also find 

reflexions of Miss Clarisse Houll about Nepal, our partner and our